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Tampa Crossroads - Veteran Discretionary Fund

5109 N Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603

(813) 238-8557



Supportive Services to veterans and veteran families homeless or at-risk. Services include housing assistance, employment, transportation, medical assistance, child care.

Phone Numbers

Main Office

(813) 238-8557

Address Listings

5109 N Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603


Marie Galbraith

Program Manager

Sara Romeo


(813) 238-8557 x102


General Information


Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Intake Process:

Assessment for eligibility including income, housing, assets and veteran eligibility status


English and Spanish


Must meet eligibility requirements for veteran and/or veteran families of the SSVF Program.

The basic eligibility requirements for the SSVF program according to VA guidelines are as follows:

1. Member of a Veteran Family: A Veteran family is defined as a single person or a family in which the head of household or the spouse of the head of household is a Veteran. A Veteran is defined as having served at least 1 day of active duty with an above dishonorable discharge. A DD214 or VA letter is required for eligibility determination and documentation.

2. Very Low-Income: Household income does not exceed 50% of Area Median Income (AMI). Documentation of income is required for eligibility determination.

3. Occupying Permanent Housing: Either (a) are residing in permanent housing; (b) are homeless and scheduled to become a resident of permanent housing within 90 days pending the location or development of housing suitable for permanent housing; or, (c) have exited permanent housing within the previous 90 days to seek other housing that is responsive to the needs and peferences of the household.

**A Pre-Screening can be done over the phone to determine basic eligibility.

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    Geography Served

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